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379t Tea Slab Penjing built 6-7-03, sold 7-30-03.
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Experienced professional mailorder suppliers of a diverse array of bonsai tree products since 1998. Items like starter trees to various size finished bonsai in constant creation. Glazed and unglazed pots mainly from China and Japan. Various tools, supplies and items for maintaining the health of your tree. Items for displaying and working with the ongoing developement of your art work. Tools for working with raw material and for keeping things tidy in your nursery. We work diligently at maintaining a large inventory with fairly cheap prices and some with hefty discounts.

Important Site Information Below

After 13 years, we have closed out internet store. You can still make some purchases on Ebay at our Ebay page there and pay by Paypal. You can click the Blue Link Above to get there.

I you see something on the site that interests you, email me an I can make arrangements to put it on my Ebay list and you can make a safe purchase there.

We are possibly going to set up another website, since this one became disfunctional ever since we put Propay into our shop cart and the site Techs could not make it work even though they recommended it highly.

This website is closed. Please read the copy to the left.

Beginner Boxwood Bonsai Video

Clicking the title link will take you to a 21 second video in 4 frames. The 4 frames are 4 steps to making a japanese boxwood bonsai for absolute beginners. You can stop the Youtube on any frame and study the picture to see what is going on in the step. A picture tells a 1000 words.

This website is temporarily closed to purchases. You can click my Ebay list over to the left to see some product on Ebay.

We now have a new charge payment gateway for more security in your chargeout infomation. You are in complete control when you make the order.

FYI, we do not have a retail location of any kind for retail sales. We are simply a mail order company with a number of mailorder venues to purchase products from.

Currently we are limited to a handful of mica, but will be restocking these again in the future since the boycott is over.

Some trees are temperature sensitive during the heat of summer and cold of winter. Please consider shipping by priority mail for these type trees. Priority mails ships by air to destination and UPS by ground truck. UPS truck gets very hot or cold all those days on the road. We are not responsible for your choice of shipping method chosen.

We currently ship priority mail to some foreign countries. If not on the list, contact us and we will consider your request depending on where you are. Also, trees and soil or dirt type products generally cannot be shipped through your customs. You need to check to see if this is allowed and notify us. We ship domestically continental U.S. and by mail to AK, HI, U.S. possesions, APO,FPO and etc..

All extra boxes in a multibox shipment will incure a 3.50 fee per box domestically and 5.00 per box foreign and 2.00 for insurance on orders over $100. Priority mail is becoming a reasonable cost option for a box 5# and smaller.

Thanks for stopping by and looking around.

Site updated 12-21-2013.

In business since Sept.,1996

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