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379t Tea Slab Penjing built 6-7-03, sold 7-30-03.
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320t jpg starters 1 to 3 year old bonsai tree starter seedlings and various other kinds of larger and older trees for your bonsai art pleasure, such as dawn redwood, fukien tea, brazilian rain tree, trident, shantung, japanese green and red maple, juniper, mugo and black pine, cedar, elm, cypress, serissa, ficus nerifolia and kiki, jade, azalea and others. Shipped in 2 1/2", 4", 6" containers now. Later we will offer these trees in 1 gal sizes, 3 gal sizes, removed and bagged and sometimes bareroot on request. Some trees will not be available seasonally. PLEASE NOTE: that all the taller trees may come trimmed on their apexes to fit a 24" long box.


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 Miniature Pomegranate Bonsai Starter Tree
 Micro Leaf Fukien Tea Bonsai Starter
 Indoor Ficus Nerifolia / Willow Leaf Bonsai Starter
 Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Starter Tree
 Japanese Green Maple Bonsai Starter
 Trident Maple Bonsai Starter
 Chinese Shantung Maple Bonsai Starter
 Bald Cypress Bonsai Starter Tree
 Dawn Redwood Bonsai Starter
 Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Starter
 One Gallon Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Starter Trees
 Japanese Green Mound Juniper Bonsai Starter Tree
 8 Inch Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Tree
 8 Inch Fukien Tea Import Bonsai Starter Tree
 Tropical Olive Bucida Spinosa Pre Bonsai Tree
 Brazilian Raintree Pre Bonsai Starter Tree
 10 Inch Fukien Tea Bonsai Starter
 10 Inch Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter
 7 Tree Bald Cypress Bonsai Kit
 Satsuki Azalea "Wakaebisu" Bonsai Starter
 1000 Star Serissa Bonsai Starter Tree
 Widgit test