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379t Tea Slab Penjing built 6-7-03, sold 7-30-03.
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Suiseki Bonsai Viewing Stones

Various Bonsai Viewing Stones Suiseki, Biseki and other Bonsai Viewing Stones
We will be showing here a variety of suiseki, biseki, and other kinds of viewing stones. Suiseki is a natural stone that shows up in nature resembling something, and not always something familiar. Could look like a mountain range in some cases or a hut, person, animal, etc. A bisecki is a stone that has been manually cut or ground or polished into a view or shape. It could be flat, shaped, look like something familiar or it could have grain that looks like pictures in the rock. And in some cases it is just a polished rock. In cases on some mountain stones or chrysanthemum stones, the picture would not even show up without some form of manipulation. Sometimes in some cases, even completely manmade. Suiseki or Biseki = natural, or manually made. Some would argue that even most suiseki have some manipulation with polishing, or slabing off the bases to fit the dai or some slight reworking. A true suiseki has had nothing done to it. World sources of viewing stones: California, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Africa, Swiss Alps and anywhere you can find river stones, or glacial stones, or really just about anywhere when you keep your eye open for such. Happy hunting or purchasing here for known types of stones. All stones here will be the one you purchase, except the small slabbed stones in dai we have that say typical.
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Small Slabbed Biseki Viewing Stone